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Why Choose Affinity CM?

The Future of Care Belongs to Ethical and Professional Providers of Care

“The UK is lagging far behind our European and Australian counterparts in recognising the specialist design needs of Dementia care which remains the largest growth market over the next 25 years in the UK.”

The Affinity view is that we must take the time and effort, skill and expertise to build more specialist homes targeting the private market. The higher fees in this market sector mean you can afford to employ good staff on decent wages, and, although the cost average may be higher, the long term sustainable profit is higher, as is therefore the capital value of the business.

Providers of Care

As providers of social care, Affinity have an enormous social responsibility to provide the best welfare for their staff and elderly residents, both in residential care and within the community. Affinity has the ambition, strength of purpose and the right combination of core values to provide and deliver the highest level of service to everyone involved in their care business. Affinity believe that this approach will deliver long term higher profitability enabling them to invest back into the sector and continue to lead the market.

Affinity are significantly different from the majority of other operators who tend to focus on short term profits. Affinity philosophy is the absolute opposite of this building a very strong managerial team headed by a qualified and suitably experienced business manager. Affinity knows that this attitude supports a more consistent approach to success over the longer term - pay the managers above the industry average and tie in an element of their remuneratioin to the performance of the home which attracts candidates with vastly greater combinations of care and business experience.

Our Philosophy

Affinity take the same philosophy towards all of their staff taking great pride in providing the best possible standards of employment. This investment in staff is returned in the 100% commitment received from all of the team. The Affinity ethos of a positive and good contribution towards all is then returned through an overall high level of staff commitment throughout the whole home. This can be felt by residents, experienced by their families and admired by many professional connections.

The effect and benefit of this approach contributes to higher occupancies with a majority of private paying clients, resulting in higher and longer term sustainable profits, higher capital values and gains. In addition to attracting the best quality staff and looking after them physically and financially, Affinity have also consistently spent time and money upgrading all existing homes. Providing the best possible standard in the physicality of the building is one of the keys to retaining high levels of profitable occupancy. This combination approach means that most Affinity homes attract far higher fees than average and generally with much higher occupancies of private clients, resulting in higher and more stable profits and capital gains for shareholders.

As well as retaining good quality staff and maintaining high standards with the upkeep of the buildings, Affinity have also been very proactive towards anticipating the future needs of the community and the industry. In this respect Affinity have been actively repositioning the care homes to provide a higher standard of specialist facilities. Where previously many care homes have been purely in the residential care market, Affinity have consciously improved facilities and upgraded staff and training in order that the homes can provide better care and facilities for high dependency clients. Homes have been moved from residential care into dementia care and from general nursing into more specialist fields such as learning difficulties (LD) and physically disabled (PD) homes. This is where Affinity know there is the greatest future demand in the next generation of providing care.

Financial Returns

Average industry profit per year per bed is just under £10,000. A 40 bed care home would on average expect to produce an EBIT of £400,000 a year. Affinity homes are budgeted to achieve £12,000 a bed as a minimum. Specialist homes are targeted to produce £15,000 a bed. Affinity achieve this success due to the quality of the management team, through continual staff training and by improving the range of specialist facilities.

Equally important is recognising and balancing the future needs of the local community specifically and the industry generally. Promoting and providing the services which attract a premium is fundamental to the long term sustainability and profitability of the Affinity business model.

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